6 December, 2021

Our cover of the song "A Star by the Name of the Sun". Those who are well acquainted with our work know with what kind of warmth we feel towards Victor Tsoi.

We wanted to perform one of the masterpieces of our idol for a long time, but our indecision, as many musicians had, was only to be☝️rightly understood by the admirers of the artist, on which we make our variant of the song.

The musician himself in no way tries to imitate the original song, he just wants to show his own view on the composition, to give a different coloring and possibly give new emotions to the listener and ☝️The main thing is to remind about the creation of his favorite artist. Of course every musician does it in his own way, the way he sees, hears and what emotions he feels while listening to his favorite song.

Listen to what we got :)