The official release of the album: 2008.
Publisher: AMUSIC

After leaving our producer, Sergey Zhukov, we left for free swimming. We were looking for a suitable candidate for a long time, in the face of a record company, and finally found it. It turned out to be the company "Amusic". After offering us excellent conditions, we immediately began to work together. After various preparatory events were held to popularize the album that had not yet been released, the date of the official release was set for May 22, and the presentation of the album was scheduled for May 24, which took place on the stage of Gorbushkin yard in Moscow. The album turned out very diverse and rich. This time we decided to "divide the record into 2 parts", making the first 7 tracks in the old Faktorovsky style, using the recitative in the verses and the vocals in the choruses. The second half turned out to be very lyrical and vital!