Official release of the album: 2005. Publisher: Monolith

In 2005 the song "Beauty" became one of the main hits of Russia - we did not expect such success. The first tour, shooting, interview and photo shootings were sent. We practically stopped appearing at home. With such a busy schedule we had no time to create new songs, but we had to write a new album. In the thick, for a year ahead of the planned activities, we had to find 2 weeks to the studio and we flew to Stuttgart. It's very hard to compose when someone controls you - in our case it was our producers. I had to make the songs fit on the radio and TV format: without mats and vulgarity. Arrangements should meet the standard, in general - it`s a bad thing! We were already upset, but then our bosses came up with the idea: "What if we released the disc in two versions", most of the creativity was always from Sergei Zhukov, in which he can be jealous. We were glad and our compositions got the second, true face! Soon, all 2 versions of the album got the status of "Golden Disc"!